Auto insurance covers the car itself, including damages caused by falling objects, theft, or fire.

California is listed as one of the country’s strictest states when it comes to auto insurance—classified as a “fault state,” drivers in California are held responsible for accidents they cause, making it essential to have adequate coverage.

Premiums and Repair Cost

At Red Roland’s Insurance, we will help you get back to the road quickly if your car is damaged by accident, fire, theft, or other events entirely covered by your policy. We’ll write a policy unique to you and your needs to make sure you don’t miss a beat from an accident.

Our team of insurance agents at Red Roland’s Insurance understand all our customers’ car insurance needs.

Other Available Coverages

  • Liability Coverage
    Cover losses that you may cause to others on the road.
  • No-fault Coverage
    Pay for medical and other related expenses incurred by you and your passengers due to injuries sustained in a car accident.
  • Collision Insurance
    Protects against damage caused to your vehicle in a car accident..
  • Comprehensive Insurance
    Protects against damage caused to your car in ways other than collision.