Workers’ Compensation insurance covers medical expenses and a reasonable portion of lost wages.

Most states have a unique set of regulations that employers need to follow. These laws ensure that employers provide mandatory coverage for the cost of work-related wounds, occupational diseases, regardless of the worker’s negligence.

Take Care of Your Employees

We ensure workers can enjoy the benefits of a policy, including health bills for injuries from dangerous/heavy machines and payments to families and other significant dependents.

At Red Roland’s Insurance, we’re experts in a range of industries from owning your own business to a startup tech company. Premiums are determined by many factors including your industry classification code and payroll. We’ll ensure that your employee are taken care of.

Other Available Coverages

  • Death Benefits
    This coverage includes funeral costs if the employee passes away in a work-related accident.
  • Vocational rehabilitation
    Provides your worker with ongoing care to help them get back to the job.